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I just realized that the hashtag is just two lines away from the insignia of the Iron Guard.

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Codreanu >>>>Hitler tbh

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Genius. Now imagine if the faggots at twitter tried to redesign their entire twitter machine to remove the hashtag evil right wing nazi symbol!!!

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They should. They misappropriated IRC channel names by using the hashtag symbol.

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Now is the perfect time to claim tic tic toe is a game pitting Christians (X) against Jews (((O))).

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Good job! I would have like the other way around showing the jews as circles and mentioning the kikel.

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OMG everyday a new trolling genius comes out with something to make me laugh out loud.

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It's a team effort. Some of the shit I've put out has been taken and remixed into something even better -- those are the moments I live for.

I hope to see your contributions too. The beauty of it is anyone can participate.

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Can you make it rotate 45deg at the very end? it would be seamless with the translation of the 4 quadrants and would line it up "correctly".

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Only cuz you asked nicely you filthy nigger: https://voat.co/v/gifs/3248210

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Brilliant, Brilliant !!! Now GloboHomoShlomo will have to shut down twatter

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Icelandic names are quite something, aren't they?

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Beautiful!!! Now someone just needs to photoshop this spray painted on some jewish graves and pics the ADL loves to talk about and we're set.

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