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CONTEXT- This happened in Brazil. The thief made a very typical move, drawing pistol and demanding wallets/purses from all the victims.

The woman with the white bag who shot him is an off-duty police officer. She waited for a moment where the attacker's focus was on someone else, drew her weapon, and put two bullets in his chest before he could even pull the trigger.

If I recall correctly, the attacker died of his wounds, so we even have a happy ending for this story :D

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I knew he was dead the moment his shoe came off.

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He forgot to pledge his soul to Satan.

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Something about that leg going stiff is a DEAD GIVE AWAY. Get it 😎

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So what you're saying is don't try robbing a dozen people by yourself. There's no way you'd be able to pay attention to everyone.

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To niggers Guns = Magic Gibs Wand.

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these are the sort of well informed comments voat needs more of

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From the videos I've seen of Brazil, I think there are very few careers there. Namely those of criminals, off-duty police officers, and victims.

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You can see she took if out of her bag, flipped the safety off, and patiently waited for a safe time to shoot, and she shot the bastard. She must've been trained.

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Then she took cover behind the car, very naturally, but still kept the gun on him. Off-duty cop training is not a joke, don't fuck around with guns in Brazil because those fuckers will shoot you dead.

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And when they do, there isn’t a chorus of BLM shitheads, SPLC morons and other libtard/Socialist/Communist pissants sobbing hysterically about it while crying about gun control.

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and rightfully so

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Off duty cop.

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Lol look at him crying after he gets what he was threatening to do to other people.

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was the last cry he ever had apperently

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Good. Nothin makes me happier these days than successful violence

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They need to widely broadcast the footage of him being Mr. tough guy robbing a bunch of women and children and then dying like a pig while groveling in the street.

Gutter street trash needs to know this is the end game for them.

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She didnt tea bag him

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Highly satisfactory outcome.

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Looks like her shots hit center mass, clean. See how the attacker's legs went stiff? Indicates massive, sudden nerve damage. This is one of the main reasons you train to shoot center mass- not only is it the largest and thus easiest target, but a well-placed shot can stun the fucker so badly, he won't be able to retaliate before you finish him off.

Shooting someone in the belly can have a similar effect, but it seems like a lot of people who get shot in the belly don't have this "going stiff" reaction (at least not this quickly). There are many cases of savage retards being shot in the belly several times with rounds as big as 9mm, and not even falling over- they sometimes even continue to fight with 2+ bullets in their guts.

On the other hand, there aren't a whole lot of videos which depict a man/woman being shot in the chest and continuing to fight. 99% of the time, they drop like a fucking rock and start rolling around in agony.

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high chances of puncturing lungs and heart actually. most dont aim the chest they do aim for the heart specifically. she shoot to kill, no to "cause nerve damage".

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She got the muzzle within a foot of his chest. Probably blew out his spinal cord. Well done. This needs to happen more often.

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What country?

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IIRC it was Brazil. Active Self Protection on Youtube covered this one.

Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4ebuv-QSeI It was Brazil.

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Suzano, SP, Brazil.

Her name is Katia da Silva Sastre, and she actually was went to politics because of this.

Besides everything you hear about Brazil, a majority here still think "a good criminal is a dead criminal".

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You can tell it's Brazil because the robber is wearing flip-flops.

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It's interesting to see the mothers and their children and how they protect them. The woman leaving her kid standing next to the shooter and then coming back for her and then running side by side, exposing her daughter at all times. The other mother pushing her immediately in the car, and the mother grabbing her kid and putting herself between the shooter and her daughter while running away. People should see and train these things too.

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The little girl in pink was either incredibly stupid or in shock. She sees the guy coming with the gun and just stands there as her mother starts to run off leaving her kid behind and then comes back to grab her arm and pull her with and it still took her a second to figure to run while her mother was dragging her out of harms way and was still in the line of fire. It's a good thing the blond woman was a good shot or the little girl could have caught a bullet for her poor survival instincts.

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Absolutely. I wondered even if at point blank range that bullet could have hurt the mother/daughter behind the shooter (from the shooter's perspective). I don't blame the child, they're like 6-8 years old. The mom will probably feel bad after seeing herself run away on national tv.

Edit: kids were a bit older than I thought at first.

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What is Natural Selection for $500, Alex?

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" The little girl in pink was either incredibly stupid or in shock. "

Children are innocent.

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