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Peace = Homogeneity

"Islam is the religion of peace."


Islam = submission

religion = Sharia = rule of law

Peace = Global Sharia


Islam is the religion of peace = Submit to the law of global Sharia

Jihad is the "struggle" or "fight" to bring the world of war or "Dar Al Hur" into the world of submission or "Dar Al Islam."

Taqiyya is the practice of using wordplay to lie to non-Muslims.

For example, a Muslim will say that Muslims cannot lie. But the Quran states that non-Muslims are not people and lying to them for the sake of Islam is encouraged.

Be not fooled.

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Well put.

I forget who said it, but shitslam can be summed up as a political ideology masquerading as religion.

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But the Quran states that non-Muslims are not people

lol get some self-awareness: "they wanna exterminate the untermensch" is a JEWISH slander against people like US, and youre falling for the same obvious JEWISH slander against muds who hadn't been a threat for centuries, until we became Zionist stooges.

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I imagine you say this while you're balls deep in a goat. Fuck off, Ahmed.

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red pilling my wife recently, and she said, "why do they keep saying religion of peace, I don't understand? They kill everyone?"

She still doesn't fully understand how psyops and gas lighting works.

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Sounds like she's in good hands, friend.

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I red pilled her on Jews somewhat.

I told her what if every major head of every company in the US was from Mexico City, since the populations of Mexico city and Jews around the world are the same.

Then she was like wtf.... Now we play games of when she sends me an article of like vaccines or LGBT stuff, we look up the writer or company ceo... And she's just blown away.

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First of all, let's consider that "Christian" countries have bombed the shit out the heart of the Islamic world for decades now and basically been an occupying force in Islamic countries, uninvited and unwanted. Then let's realize they might be a little tired of that bullshit after 1000 years. And let's not forget the vast majority of major wars are started by and fought by "Christian" nations. Finally, I've read the Bible (repeatedly) and the Quran. A lot of the Bible sounds like a lot of the Quran (check out 2 Chronicles 15:13 --- "but that whoever would not seek the LORD, the God of Israel, should be put to death, whether young or old, man or woman).

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  1. Islam has been invading Christian countries and killing kaffir from pretty much day one, not suprising as its scripture glorifies violence.

  2. Your quote is from the Old Testament, so has nothing to do with the message of Jesus or the new covenant, as you well know having read the Bible repeatedly.

I'm not even Christian, but there is clearly a difference between the two ideologies

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If you cherry pick the Bible, others can cherry pick the Quran.

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She's sitting next to a nigger. She shouldn't be laughing, she'll probably be raped before long.

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The surviving crew of the U.S.S. Liberty would like to have a word...

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But there at war with themselves and everyone outside of there religion, the Jain's on the other hand there's a religion of peace by far I mean the more extreme a Jain gets the more peaceful and docile they become.

Do you see that with Islam, Islamism or the terrorists of Islam?

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so what you want to say hindu is religion of peace

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Religion of pieces would be more suited because if they are not blow up themselves to pieces then they are trying to blow up everyone else to pieces

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