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let the ramadan-bomb-a-thon commence!

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They don't really fast. They fill up before and after the no-eating period which is like 10 hours tops or some bullshit. It's an excuse to gorge.

Muslims being very devout is a myth. They're always technically in a state of jihad if living in the west, so none of the rules really stick. It's only back in their shitholes that they get any trouble, because they always vote in their shitty fucking islamic governments who then start oppressing them (because even muslims can't stand the shitty behavior of muslims).

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Muslims being very devout is a myth.

It's probably like any other religion. Some are incredibly devout to the point they blow themselves up to go into heaven, and others are Muslim in name only. The only religion you can say where everyone practicing is "very devout" is Amish.

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Ding ding ding

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They can eat as much as they want/can from sunset to sunrise. So they only fast during the day.

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Fasting is very healthy, everyone should do it! Seriously, do it or Allah will smite you with poor gut flora.

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Sounds like another (((religion))) that enjoys a good loophole or two.

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The pieces with hair are the best.

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Bacon, food of the gods.

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Well that's my breakfast decided.

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fuck you man that shits like heroin.

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Oh my dog I knew bacon tastes a little bit better today for some reason

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