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Came to the comments for the real gif. Somebody pls

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I hate you.

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You lost me at "Google"

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That's a good thing. Means you're already aware of the Kalergi Plan, among (((other))) (((things))).

This GIF is just another tool for redpilling normies and the unaware.

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Who is the FBI looking agent dude?

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He's a recurring character from the X Files known as the "Smoking Man", played by William Davis.

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WM / AF is conquest.

East Aryan / high IQ DNA mixing doesn't occur frequently enough in the wild to pose much threat to the existence of the white race.

Worry more about our women chosing cat lady / excel spreadsheet lifestyles and dysgenic nig goblin birthing.

Worry more about mudslime, nigger, and to a lesser extent, low-IQ spic breeding.

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HAPA's are not exactly free of issues themselves, so no thanks. Let's keep yellows and whites separate and beautiful.

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You better source the rest of that gif you fucking faggot.

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