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I wish whites and Asians would team up and kill off everyone else then split the planet up. Then eventually forget we used to be friends have a nuclear war and kill each other. Then roaches survive and evolve becoming the aliens we wanted to be they spread out and conquer the universe. Boom then Jesus comes back and lays down the raid destruction

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Well Asians seem to be killing off Africans. It’s unfortunate though we can all live together if everyone just stayed in their own country.

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This is the future we could've had if the Axis won the war.

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God, if only.

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There's plenty of corruption in Asia. It's better the further east you go. The most advanced is Japan, then S. Korea, then Northern China which is the original China. The rest of Asia is worse the darker the people are.

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The rest of Asia is worse the darker the people are.

And that's why they're called "rice niggers".

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This is your best comment

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How come we almost never see skills and talents like these in sub-saharan Africans? I say almost because I give them the benefit of a doubt, but I actually never saw any remarkable skill or talent in a niggnog.

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Here I have to intercept. Watch Kids for a scene where a black kid builds a blunt, and then you will see that those nigger lips are meant to build joints. It's mesmerizing, and definitely a skill of handiwork (lipwork?).

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I can't watch that movie. I had a friend in college who thought it was the best film ever but to me it's just pure nihilism.

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What the fuck is wrong with you? Mesmerized by nigger lips, wtf.

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C'mon now. It takes real talent to stick a plate in your lip to make it protrude 6". I couldn't do it.

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They know how to cook rat.

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Some of them can dance a bit.

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Without using a camera obscura?

Most impressive.

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Fake. Paper goes off screen right before the reveal. This is fake.

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Ha. Like the paper he held up is the same one he was cutting.

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Skills to pay the bills

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Why are asians godly at such random shit.

Put that talent to use for mankind

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