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Only two ways to deal with long hand weapons while un-armed:

1) Run

2) Go in close and hook the weapon-wielding arm.

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Mfer wasn't afraid at all, he has option 2 covered quite well.

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He didn't even get that close. Just caught his hand and flipped him over. Definitely had some kind of martial arts training.

If he had fucked up his head would have been split.

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Agreed, but if you aren't trained physically and psychologically for it, then always take option (1). And by trained, I mean so sure of yourself that you are as unflinching as this guy, i.e. so trained that you react faster than you think.

Not only that, duty comes into play. As an officer, this man has a problem he has to deal with. If you don't, in the event you are unarmed, you're always better to take option (1).

Better option: carry a firearm.

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Better option: carry a firearm.

lol I thought this video was going to be a rehash of indiana vs the scimitar

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and if you don't have a firearm, this is a good option

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Or shoot them

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while un-armed:

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There is only one way. 1) Stand outside of the weapons range and shoot them multiple times center mass.

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I know, the word 'un-armed' in my post didn't even occur to most goats, because it's un-American (and I'm proud of you guys), but I'm German and also jealous, because option three is illegal for me.

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Dude knows nigger-wranglin'-fu

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That was incredible. I'd watch this on.repwat instead of BlackPanther.

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Must be hard to have restraint to someone that showed no hesitation to harm or kill you seconds earlier

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It's also counterproductive to human society advancing. The more effort we make to protect the lives of violent criminals, the more of them will be wandering our streets. And they will be even more emboldened be the fact that police are supposed to be protect them instead of kill them.

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No, you authoritarian cunt. Due process is essential to civilization.

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very risky

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Well he telegraphed that swing quite early so it was an easy takedown

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i mean what if it wasn't tho? weave back on a blade swing or answer the phone? He had balls and the guy went with a bad move to someone who knows how to toss. Slick as fuck.

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Judo. That throw is called Seo-nagi

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Could be, it looked like Aikido Koshi nage vs an overhead strike - really common.


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Not even close. Seo nagi is done from an overhead strike in nagi no kata.

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I had a vietnam war vet neighbor teach me that when I was 12. He made me drill it, using a stick as a fake machete.

Machetes are pretty much useless once you are in grapping range. No good for a lot of the really nasty cutting, stabbing and slicing moves you can do with a smaller blane.

Excellent execution by this guy.

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Yeah, I was reflecting on that earlier. Like I used to live in the hood, and toyed with the idea of carrying a cane with me for personal protection. And it's not a terrible idea, but the fact is that most of the commercial/fashion walking sticks that you could get at the store are completely useless for protection because they're too light. Like if someone tried to beat me with a walking cane, I'd have them on the ground in ten seconds. The cane would be in their way. I didn't want to post about it because I didn't want to sound like an internet tough guy.

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Just Runaway

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