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That is why I come to voat, useful and pertinent information for the inevitable chicken war.

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gas the hens, egg war now

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No, gas the (((geese))). The hens are our fowl.

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Should I make Stella maris luminarix an admin or shapeshift into a ... oh god this isn’t Kandahar

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Hypothetically, that is.

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Hypnotizing your food source is a valuable skill for survival. Now we need to learn how to hypnotize some burgers and fries to go with these chicken nuggets.

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You’re right. And if things keep going they way they are, we will be growing our own food to survive in the not too distant future.

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We'll be ready. We won't get our asses kicked like @HateCumbuckets did during the emu war

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Look, you go toe to toe with one of those evil fuckers and let me know how you go.

Seriously, have been chased by a pissed off emu. Not cool.

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Cock Magic.

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It was absolute carnage!

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This is only one way of eliciting that reaction. One I used to to with the chickens we had was get it on its back, and with thumb and index fingers stroke its breastbone(?) on both sides of it for a couple of seconds. The chicken would just lay there on its back for a bit. I learned that from a book on chickens my parents bought me, and it blew me away when I tried it and it worked. It was good rural entertainment.

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I might be a goddamn chicken.

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Do you wake up screaming in the mornings?

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I've known people this dumb.

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You replace the line with an iPhone, showing cat gifs on IMGUR?

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"Is he gona peck me?" Great foreshadowing there.

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Lol the moment he erased the part of the line the chicken was looking at

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I have owned chickens for like 20 years now and have come across strange behavior (Not this specifically, but things like it).

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Like what? Please do share.

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Gay rooster, would try to fuck other males, would usually be beaten up after.

Hen that tried crowing, not a hen-looking rooster since she laid eggs in the past.

When it rains, chickens run inside or under something to get out of it, but I had one who stood in it and just stared up in to the sky during the shower and went back to normal after.

One that figured out how to undo hook locks (maybe not strange but certainly unusual).

Roosters will enter a trance depending on how you hold them (generally if you lean them to the side ~90+ degrees). This is useful if you have to deal with a violent one.

A rooster "playing dead" or that's what it looked like. It was on the ground and looked exactly like a dead (not the usual "sitting on the ground relaxing" look) one so I went to go get him and when grabbed he panicked and ran off, startled me.

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yeah yeah, I used to "unhypnotize" with an axe. It was my job.

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Do they run around with their head cut off if you hypnotize them first?

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Yes. It's only the head that's hypnotized.

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yep. Bounce, bounce, run, jump, bounce, fall.

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The girl's chuckling "I don't know either" should have told the guy "Yes, it will f****in' peck you, if you erase the line!"

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