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Holy shit is this offensive. A koran should only be handled by a muslim.

You should have asked a muslim to read it and set them on fire.

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Holy Beautiful

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Use enough gasoline there Butch?

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Even if you lose some arm hairs, you can always use more.

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It's best studied as its pages wipe my ass.

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Warms the heart

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I thought this said "Korean" at first and was mightily confused.

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Whoa, no no no. This is unacceptable. I can't support this.

Safety first. He got way too close to the flare-up. He could have been burned, or got some of the filth on him.

Gotta be more careful!

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Actually that's proper disposal. If you want to rustle some jimmies, wipe your ass with it.

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Just take it to India. The essence of poop will seep into every page of paper.

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It was probably jews who attacked the cathedral, blaming it on muslims.

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A pretty big-deal mosque was burned down yesterday at the same time as Notre Dame. The kikes are creating another war.

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Yup. Al aqsa. The temple mount. The old Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem..

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Source, Mr. 16-days?

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Considering all the important artifacts were conveniently removed a few weeks ago, it's more likely that it was the Vatican themselves who burned down their own church to hide evidence of masonic gang rape and ritual child sacrifice, as well as for the purpose of money laundering to rebuild it.

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I would not put anything past the papacy.

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Oh you might be onto something there. Didn't think of that one

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