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1 out of 6 members of congress have Jewish citizenship.

Easy fix is to ban dual citizenship from holding government jobs (like is done with the president)

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It's insane that people are ok with dual citizenship in government positions. How much more conflict of interest can you get?

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Basically Israel is sort of the problem today. It uses muh holocaust to turn itself into a nazi jew bolshevik nazi ethostate all the while sucking America's husk dry. It's time to buck this fucking parasite.

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Muslims should not be able to hold public office, either.

By definition, they are under Sharia, which is a legal system. It is the same as being a dual citizen; obeying two conflicting sets of laws is not possible.

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Perma-ambassadors should be the only thing allowed.

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shut the medias down too, stuff the mouths of the lying jew.

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I'd rather we tackle term limits first. Both are important, but I believe term limits would solve more problems. Both require congress to pass them though so it's very unlikely we'll ever see a change to either.

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That's a good first step. Banning jewish pacs is a second.

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So much extra money they could literally try to fly to the moon.

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And still fail. So much for the "high jewish IQ" myth.

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Funnier if you are watching the video while reading comment.

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haha Thanks, goytard weaklings!! shaloms and heil Satan

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Haha I see I'm not alone. Too bad you aren't Chosen. You might enjoy it.

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Far before America comes Israel. Americans, you are second-class citizens.

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man why do you have to show me

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Great graphic, but it leaves out an important detail: much of that aid to Israel comes back to the US as legal bribes to elected Officials via campaign donations and non-profits. They will spend 10x normal on a seemingly nothing election to get a loud voice.

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Nuke Israel

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And israel has so much spare cash they are sending shit to the moon.

But they totally need subsidies for their holy war.

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