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I used to work across a parking lot from an off-track betting facility.

One of the funniest things I've seen, and bet on, was harness racing using miniature horses. Harness racing is when they're sitting in a sulkie being pulled by the horse. These were real miniature horses, and not ponies.

Also, the horse in the gif is a miniature horse and also not a pony.

But, picture that thing pulling a full size human behind it, and that's what I watched and bet on. It was fucking hilarious.

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That pony feels like its strong as an ox

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Miniature horse. It's not a pony. Refresh the thread to read a story, if you want.

Also, to add to that story, I used to date a chick that had miniature horses. She had two and we'd drive around with them in the back of her station wagon, until one kicked out the rear window. Ah, the looks we'd get from people passing by.

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I understand those mini-ponies make great pets... live as long as a retard and show just as much love.