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Hat Removal Service

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Kebab Removal Service.

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I love that part. I need to make a ringtone out of it or something.

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My nearly 70 year old father loves that scene. He still goes around showing the video to his physical therapists and mom's hair salon women. Really anyone who'll stand still for a minute.

He's on here as of January or so, but only reads and upvoats. He's not ready to properly interact.

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He's doing God's work.

Still a few good men left. That's all we need.

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Something about her accent while screaming for help makes me feel repulsed.

And when I first watched, it looked to me like he blew her damned ponytail off!

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That's the best part about it, the foreign accent.

It was perfect, the way the top of her head came off.

Time for the muzzies to learn. I hope tons of Tarrants happen. Project mayhem.

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It's ponytail or something. I don't think it's a straight Kennedy, but something flew off. My elderly father loves that part.

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The guy who lost the hat must have been shot in the initial volleys, but not mortally- when Tarrant leaves to retrieve his carbine, he enters the room to find that muslim sitting up against the window. He probably thought "Oh thank Allah, the Crusader has left, it's safe for me to stop pretending I am dead."

Imagine what went through his mind when he saw that "crusader" step back into that room. We don't have to imagine what went through his head about a minute later, it was very clearly a bullet.

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So was it a bullet or no? no blood splatter does that signify anything? Appreciate your comment.

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no blood splatter

Alright, I've been seeing this nonsense all over the internet. Tin foil hat wearing retards saying "WHEREZ DA BLUD?!" and talking about "CGI shell casings".

Addressing the blood- YOUR PERCEPTION OF WHAT BEING SHOT LOOKS LIKE IS THE RESULT OF DECADES OF HOLLYWOOD MOVIES AND VIDEO GAMES. You now believe that when someone is shot, blood sprays out of the entry wound and a gigantic spatter explodes out of the exit wound, painting the wall in fancy patterns. THIS IS FALSE.

I want you to think about what a bullet actually does. It's moving faster than the speed of sound. Often, people struck by bullets don't start visibly bleeding for a few seconds. They're bleeding internally, and the flesh around the entry and exit wound "puckers" and "unpuckers" a moment after the shot.

Other people have addressed the "CGI shell casings" in great videos, go look for them if you're curious. I can save you a lot of time- this is what a mass shooting looks like. This is how animals bleed after being shot.

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Splatter from a head shot is more of a pink mist that disperses within a fraction of a second.

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Ball ammo makes small holes man. I’ve hunted a lot. That’s why I rock vmax 55gr hollow points in my AR. I don’t want that bullet coming out of the target. Our hero however wasn’t so prepared.

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Some old haji told one of those guys to stay and that it is safe now and he would be back then he came back and he was shot again. Lol it was on the news.. positive that was the same guy sitting up. When he got that hot pill to the throat thatis

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Damn, got me

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Oh c'mon man! His nana might have made that for him.

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His naan!

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Needs that 'wooo' ricochet sound effect.

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So it was real..

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