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I've worked I those places that treat the raw water into potable water. Don't trust city water.

One of the many reasons why not to trust it is a process just after the initial filtering where they put a white powder into the water. This powder instantly turns into a snot-like substance. They use it for "fine particulate filtering" where the snot captures the finer dust and debris then settles to the bottom to be disposed of. Nothing quite filters out all of this stuff afterwards and a good amount of the powder and it's preservatives simply dissolve and are pumped into the potable water network.

They say this stuff is edible, but no-one wants to touch it, and they say to wash your clothes immediately after if you get it on yourself, so take that as you will.

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The fuck, probably why they dump so much chlorine in our tap water

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You can get take home tests for chlorine. There should be a detectable, yet minimal amount. I don't remember the exact numbers off the top of my head, but it's excruciatingly small.

For everyday drinking water, you should not be able to taste nor smell the chlorine.

For emergency drinking water, you should barely be able to taste/smell it. This lets you know it's purified, but you don't want to be drinking that level of chlorine long term if you can help it.

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we just got a 7 stage undersink filter....our city water is decent, but fluoridated, and I don't want that shit or anything else...

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we lime soften. our city water is excellent

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Enjoy the fluoride and other poisons.

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Do you have a graph for India?

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it's just a big pool of brown.

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monsoon rain + animal waste + human waste + dead bodies floaing in Ganges river >> drinking water

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And then there's my house. A concrete pipe in the ground and a hose to the house.

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Ground water? Do you ever test the quality of it?

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The previous owner hit it with a chlorine shock before I closed on the house. It had a minimum hit on coliform. I'm planning on installing a UV treatment.

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This will be one of the services to fail after the electrical grid goes down. When the water stops flowing or turns brown we’ll know collapse is eminent.

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This is so soothing to watch.

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You enjoy watching the plane become lost in a cloud and crash into the mountain?

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...I'm kind of surprised chem trails aren't being expelled by the plane

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Actually pretty cool graphic. Had 1 job where they wanted me to go 600 ft up a sewage outfall to repair the concrete. It was full!!! Told my boss to get fucked and walked right off that job. They don't print that much money.

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Wait the storm water by-passes treatment wtf

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Parking lot--> drain--> ocean that's it

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