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gen z is gonna make america so fucking great

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That or conquer whatever is left when the globalists have had their time on the pyre.

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yes, of course that’s what (((Pew Research Center))) found

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Well, just fuck my shit up why don’t you. Fuck it, I’m done. I’m so beyond blackpilled. What’s it called when you literally do not care what happens at this point? What color pill is that? Whites will never fight back. Kids are gayer, tranyer, diversified and stupored beyond any 20th century globalist wet dreamer could have ever imagined. I picture something like the movie Elysium. A mud race of stupid morons living in trash while a select few live in a transhuman utopia of sorts. Don’t care. It’s what millennials and younger want anyway. I’m tired of fighting, I’m tired of screaming into a hurricane. Shits permanently fucked so I’m just going to make myself some popcorn and wait for it all to end, one way or another. Shit gets bad enough for whites, I’ll just eat a bullet. I’ve been fighting the urge most of my life anyway, perhaps the time will come to make good on all those episodes of suicidal ideation.

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No, they will be very small, even smaller than millenials, millenials already have nothing, gen z will have even less. They will be a minority.

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I'm pretty sure this was Russian or something similar.

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That was fucking perfect technique. That kid is a little badass.

I'm not sure if that was Judo, possibly a Wrestler. The way he was bouncing around also indicates some MMA familiarity.

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Csn confirm, that there was some wrastlin'

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bah gawd he just broke him in half!

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I agree, my first impression was wrestling.

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Reminded me of kajukenbo, we did simple moves,but over and over until just muscle memory. Seems likely he has a sport focus,as he didn't hit when down, and controlled his attacks. Could have killed The guy easy but held back, cool head.

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Judo does have a heavy focus on throws, so could even be some training in both

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Is that a dildo that flops out of the faggot's handbag at the end?

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He didn't try to make out with the kid's butt so probably not.

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Either that or it's furry tail

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Looks like it.

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That’s SL’AAAM!

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Finally someone who can fight... looked like BJJ with maybe Karate. The takedown looks like some wrestling or BJJ the striking and hand defense looks like Karate. Could have been judo..

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That side kick to the body was definitely karate, you're right. The throw looked like a wrestling side suplex.

He made quick work of the abomination.

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I'm guessing Sambist aka ' са́мбо ' or Sambo @1_61803399

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That’s the nick sandmann we all need.

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If anyone has an audio version please share!

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I want to hear how deep Super Maam's voice is

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Nice whitepilling

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Things are heating up!!!

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