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Tryin to get outta the rat race and big nose swats him down

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Looks like an Aussie Magpie, btw almost never feed your cats, feed them only like maybe 3-4 times a week, you feed them anymore they are less wild they get fat and play with their food. If the Tomcats fight and piss stink too much then catch one and get its nuts chopped off, it will still hunt afterward but it won't wander off and it will not fight with other male cats.

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Damn that bird came out of nowhere

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Fuck cats.

You see any other animal that preys on mice, and there is never any deliberate delay between target acquisition and kill.

Mustelids, terriers, snakes, raptors, they all do their natural-born job effectively and efficiently. Fucking cats and their toxoplasma. Just kill it and eat it, or just kill it, damn, do your job.

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Is that a giant ass cockroach?

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There's a message here about always taking what you can now instead of waiting for later.

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Birds are assholes

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