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Totally normal in China

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they all were expecting it and backed away from the window lol

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With all these fun OSHA type vids I've seen of late, if there's any large explosion in the vicinity, and I see it ... and I'm near a window, I'm getting the fuck away from the window, or up against the wall under it so the shards all blow over me.

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This video of an explosion a few years back taught be to get the hell as far away from something like that as possible, even if it's fun to watch.

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They werent in danger in the video, its just that the sound blast is scary as fuck.

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Never expect a fire to turn into an explosion in the US unless you k ow what's in the building, if it's in China on the other hand, I would just assume it's a hidden weapons plant on fire and start running.

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Unlikely as of right now though, the US (for now) has standards for preventing shit like this and it's 500x more rare than in shitholes like China or India.

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Rare as it may be, it's something to have in the back of your head. Rather it be information than high-speed glass.

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This video didn't show it but most of the people rush to stand in yellow half circles are painted on the floor. They look like safe spaces where the wall was going to be protecting you. They must expect a lot of explosions in that area.

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I've seen my grandma fart like this once

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Holy shit.

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78 dead in a Chinese chemical plant explosion last week.

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My first guess was "Chinese refinery explodes". This was the first I've heard of it. Thanks.

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Yeah that window frame wasn't fixed in. The whole fucking thing went over before it shattered.

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