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Fus Ro DAH!

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La la laaaaa la la laaaaa la la laaaaaaaaaa la la laaaaaaaaaaaaa...

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Thot patrol before he's out of diapers.

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I mean, I've got to understand the psychology that allows a mother (or mother figure) to look at two little girls dancing like fucking strippers against a wall and not do a thing about it. Hell, they probably thought it was cute.

Is there some massive cognitive dissonance in them? Any shame at all? Are they simply afraid to stand up and not be tolerant enough?

Or is there some sick subconscious satisfaction with where all of this is going because they no longer have to worry about socially monitoring their behavior as women at all? Do these women secretly crave a world where being a whore is an awesome thing? Maybe.

Or maybe they just don't think or reason through it at all. Just blow where the wind does and that's good enough. (This is probably it)

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Not cognitive dissonance, some mothers actively try to sabotage their daughter's chances at success in life due to jealousy. It's disgusting.

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That is single black bitch syndrome. They start the sabotage off by naming their daughters stuff like Jaqueesha and Shanquilla.

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Is this the whole cheer mom mentality? They live vicariously through their daughter, until jealousy kicks in, then try to fuck their boyfriend?

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Oh man. Back when I was teaching I even had a grandmother who straight out told me she didnt care if her grandson didnt turn in work. No one in their family had a high school diploma. She wasnt even literate. Just about every adult in the kids life was in prison. Kid was fucked from birth.

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You have to remember that most kids learn their personality/attitude from their parents.

Also, it was always a slight decline morally. For example in the old days it was considered bad to show ankles. I'm sure it went from showing ankles being acceptable, then to showing calves, then to showing knees, now it's acceptable to show thighs. Maybe in the future everyone will just be walking around in bikini's and underwear outside the beach or maybe even naked.

As for tribal dances being popular lately..it's probably no longer seen as an act of sexual expression and just seen as "something stupid and popular" and stupid is equated to fun. An adult who sees this probably just knows "I did stupid stuff when I was a kid and I grew out of it, I'm sure this is just something stupid they do as kids now."

The degradation is just too slow for most people to notice and care about it.

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Excellent point. I'm making the assumption these people are seeing the behaviors in the same light as I am, a moral one. But you're right. They aren't.

It's simply a stupid trend to them. The slide down the slope is too gradual for people to notice, if they haven't had the whole thing laid out for them yet.

But this still creates so many problems for me. How narrow-minded and obtuse can you be to not even take a step back and notice the larger trends. It's not just about a fucking dance obviously. It's that your little girls are also getting introduced to porn at age 8. They are making dance videos on Jewtube that are being watched by literal pedophiles. They are looking up to women like Cardi B. They're hitting puberty before they are 10 because of all the hormones. Their schools are teaching them about sodomy and venereal diseases from anal sex before they are 10.

So I guess for me, it's how can you be so fucking ignorant to the big picture?

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Not just watching, they were recording it. But for what reason? To post on Facebook no doubt. Then the kid happens to hit the little girl with a broom. Of course we find it amusing for our own reasons. I doubt the intended audience will like it for the same reasons we do. To them the slapstick physical violence is funny, just like a dad playing with his kids and getting hit in the crotch with a baseball or golf ball is shit-yourself-funny to some people.

Or maybe they just don't think or reason through it at all. Just blow where the wind does and that's good enough. (This is probably it)

I wonder this too. Do most people even think at all at what they are doing?

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Since it has come to my attention, it has saddened me and shook me to see how the VAST majority of women really DON'T think. Not in the way men imagine that they do. They are imitators. They are evolutionary computers that have evolved to be adept at abstracting patterns about their environment, namely ROLES. They are evolutionary role players. When you hear guys like Jordan Peterson talk about feminine "agreeableness" (as reasons for their lower frequency of promotions in workplaces, for example), he is only just touching this idea.

Women figure out the herd pattern, and they blend into it. It's the most survivable thing for a woman, if you consider evolutionary spans of time. Social orders can be destroyed. New conquerors can take over. Being able to establish the new "way" of things and blend in is survivable for a woman.

Where the wind of society blows, women just go with it.

Men are labelled disagreeable because they tend to possess qualities modern psychologists would classify as "antisocial", i.e. challenging the rules of established systems. We've been trained in our feminist culture to call these things anti-social. The reality is its in the male nature to push these boundaries. Doing that requires a different mode of thinking. We analyze our environment in different ways than women do. Where they are looking for hooks on how to train their own behavior to blend in....we are looking for ways to stand out, to change the system and exploit those changes for our benefit. This is one reason why boys are getting so fucked in the feminist school system today. Creativity and ingenuity (which cannot be captured by IQ tests) are qualities that are being marginalized in favor of IQ, which as a definition for intelligence really captures the ability to abstract patterns and rules and to play within those systems of rules (also why it tends to correlate so highly with academic and standardized test-taking success). This whole focus of psychology on these specific psychometrics is really a process of steering people away from creativity/ingenuity (and other "anti-social" forces) into a mode of being that is adaptable to establishment and rule.

Psychology on the whole is, in itself, a big social engineering process. Look into the history of Freud. His protege Jung was not a Jew, but was surrounded by them. Jung's protege Neumann was a prominent zionist Jew. The entire field of psychoanalysis drips with Jewry. Modern psychology is largely a form of social engineering, and its methods are painfully bad. It should not be considered a science, although that term no longer carries much weight for me anyway. The whole academic establishment in the west is irreparably fucked.

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Didn't you hear? Shame is now a bad thing... We aren't allowed to show concern for people, and to tell them they are screwing up any more. That might hurt someone's feelings!

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Lol. Damn right. Even at his age he knows the cultural appropriation of an animalistic display to encite breeding is unacceptable for white girls. Good job, son.

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Hispanic is actually a very stupid term. Hispanic means "from Spain". But the way it is used now just covers anyone from Mexico or further south that speaks Spanish. Which is a bad use of the term. Some of those folks are Spanish, some are Amazonians, and most are a mix of the the two, and should be referred to as such. Basically the term Hispanic is now used as a PC way to refer to mutts.

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What Hispanic actually means, as opposed to what it's supposed to mean, is someone with a large percentage of southern Indian blood. Most of those people are also of Spanish heritage, but it's the mix of Indian blood that makes a Mexican a Mexican. It lowers the average IQ. Most leaders in Mexico and parts south of the border are whiter than the average person in the population. The reason is that they have less Indian blood, hence higher intelligence, hence greater ability to lead.

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Hispania is a location.

People from there are white.

Latin Americans don't speak Spanish and have light skin for no reason.

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.... Tot THOT swat.

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Even broke the handle! I haven't laughed that hard at a gif in a long while

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Glad I could help.

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He should hit the mom too

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This is what wrong in our society

look at the mother, not only she's encouraging her daughters to be whores but she's also recording it!

everytime i open up voat and see the news all i see is decadence, decadence and decay

there is no morals because there is no men, there is no men because a bunch of hook nosed devil aliens decided to give women absolute power

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