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They must be running the same program

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Good thing they're staying hydrated. We all know how taxing playing video games are.

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Esports and video games in general are for kids. If you're over the age of 25 and play video games more than 5 minutes a day you really need to broaden your horizons. I don't care if you're 40 and work at Gamestop, no one takes you seriously.

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Whatever you say Qoomer.

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esporting. Lol Gaysporting. Stop playing video gaymes.

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Ill do what i fucking wish after im done pleasuring the wife after work

I agree, people who cant stop themselves and are unable to do anything else need a hobby or at least need to pick up a book, but we will never get them to by just giving out shit statements

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Adults can make the distinction, but devs are making games that are so rich, the World pales in comparison for kids.

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I fucking work all day I'll do what I want

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Reality is filled with absolute entitled fucktards who treat you like shit at work, ass-backward leftists, STD-ridden thots and Feminazis, niggers who'd rather steal from you and each other than be employed at the world's easiest job, and people who'll use you and ditch you when they're bored of you. So forgive me for wanting to retreat to a virtual world free of these cancers where I can get my dopamine releases after a long-ass day at work and chores.

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"Must not face reality. Must not feel feelings other than good. Must live in fake world and not real one. Must have dopamine. You must feel sorry for my shitty life and understand I neeeeeeeeeed video gaymes. I cannot survive without them. I have a job that sucks and a life that sucks and instead if spending any time figuring a way out of my shitty sitch, Ima just get instant gratification dopamine releases which are temporary repreaves from reality. Feel sorry for me. Understand my life and why I suffer. Only EA or Blizzard can fix my dilema."

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