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Girl: "Teehee, watch how cute this will be. I'll just ruin his beer and make him panic for a second"

Girl gets beer-sprayed

Girl: "OMG what a dick how could he do that, I'll bet he's a fucking incel"

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Is incel an actual term people use in real life?

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The thots who got audited definitely used the term.

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Well, I've seen it being used on the chans whenever they're picking on each other and when also making fun of beta cucks. The regressives/sjws/etc have appropriated that term and have been using that on others with a hint of irony about a year ago though, much like how they've appropriated words like "triggered" and "snowflake." I could be wrong, but I think the term started gaining traction with the left soon after that Armenian wackjob went on a vehicular rampage in Toronto back in April of last year.

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They use it because "nerd" has been co-opted to make money for big media.

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Wouldn't an incel have run home crying because a girl was mean to him irl ?

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Probably, but this guy doesn't look like an incel since he's hanging out with chicks.

I was just poking fun at the women who use the word to insult men when things don't go their way.

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The hero we never wanted, but the hero we all knew we needed.

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Damn, wish I had thought of that. Had a friend that always used to do that shit!

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wtf is with people doing this? I remember when it started people were like "look at this cool way to chug a beer, you just drink a shitload of foam!" and then people were just like "look how cool i am with this trick".

With great power comes great responsibility. Just because can do something, doesn't mean you ought to.

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a gentleman is someone who knows how to play the accordion, but doesn't.

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yay, reddit-tier.

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I don't get it.

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If you tap the top of someones beer bottle with yours it foams up like his did. So the girl he sprayed is the one that tapped his beer bottle causing it to foam up like that so he just sprayed her with it instead of letting it run all over the table.

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Neither did he. After that Party Foul, he left with Thelma Thumb and her four sisters.

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Back to the kitchen, bitch.

Go feed your cats.

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And thats the most someone ever sprayed her in her whole life ...

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