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What a bunch of 1 dimensional monsters you know they gassed 6 gorillion Jews with just one wooden door. REEEEEEEEE!

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With just 1 wooden door my sides! And I don’t normally like holohaux stuff

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Oh. The new saying is the SS was ordered to withdraw and take the doors with them. Imagine SS group withdrawing with a horse cart, carrying the gas doors on their backs.-Herr Obergruppensturmmeister, why do we need these doors?-Silly Hans, to gas the jews in Berlin!

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Oy vey! The xe didn't give xe's consent for the oral copulation! This is against laws of transgenderism and feminism! Pay up for Holohoax reparations now! Oy gevalt!

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did xe just rape zer?

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either this is a modern video intended to look authentic or knee slapping is universal

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The key to 'tyranny' is not just that it is authoritarian. It has to be CRUEL AND INJUST. What if it is JUST? No one asks that question.

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Was it Just to siege and starve the population of st petersburg?

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I didn't say the Nazis were just. My point was that these days they like to say any authoritarian policy, period, is 'tyranny'. All of WWII was nasty. Soviets putting machine guns behind their OWN lines, to force their soldiers into suicide offensives.

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You have to warn a man before posting something this emotional. Damn you!

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