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Get well soon

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Fucking cold blooded. Amazing.

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There are worse things than a sudden death. Like farmers in South Africa, being raped, then tortured, then having loved ones killed before their eyes, before being killed/dying.

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agree. When your enemy murders you, they normally don't do it in a humane way. South Africa is a good example.

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This is what people don't realize about self defense. They say shit like "well, learn to box, or do jiujitsu or wrestling..."

Your foe is not going to come from the front, 1 v 1, when you are expecting it. They are going to come 4 or 5 at a time, while you sleep, in the dead of the night, or as soon as you step out your front door. WITH WEAPONS. That is why we argue for gun ownership.

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That IS worse

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Plz put a heads up on stuff like this

v/gifs isn't "Faces of Death"

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I contest that point. It could be easily interpreted as them being 'let go' as the core phrase "Worker gets fired" means exactly that, and the descriptive phrase "like a cannon" could refer to the implied boss doing something over the top to cut him loose, or else the worker doing something so monumentally stupid that it is clear they are going to lose their job. If the word "fired" were swapped out with most any other word, it would do a lot to clarify the title.

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Don't be a bitch.

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I little heads up that you are about to watch a man die isn't an unreasonable request.

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Don't be a twat. There are subs for it.

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He's actually right.

Some niggers have seen ACTUAL death,

and choose not to relive it.

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Wow, big man. Not a military man though. You 16 year old faggot yobs have never faced death.

Pretty neat in a 12 pixel gif. You're a fucking embarrassing joke.

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Itndoes not say if he lived or died chinese are tougher then u think

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He's fine. He landed in a field of flowers twelve miles away and walked away with a few scratches and a bruise or two from going through the roof of the factory, but that's it.

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You could say he put a "heads up"...

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All the way into the ceiling.

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Glad he had his hardhat on! whew!

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it reminds me of watching crash bandicoot fall to pieces.

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Yes! That's what I thought as soon as I saw it.

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It caught what was left of his brain.

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Good eye...good eye.

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Yeah I think that was the only thing that fell back to earth in one piece. Atleast it is still usable for the replacement...

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Reminds me of that scene in City of Ember.

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Days since accident: 0

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At least they don't have to worry changing the sign.

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despite all those pieces i beleive hes still in one piece.... dead but in one peice...

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China? I bet it's China.

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Were the Chinese characters the tip off?

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Lolz... it helped. I just generally assume workplace videos involving cannons must be China due to their terrible safety standards/regulations.

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Classic male privilege.

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