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At first I thought it was a funny nazi meme and then I realized it’s real.

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The Swastika is an ancient symbol of peace, used by many Indo-European cultures throughout time.

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Also used by the Norse to represent Thor.

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And a "good luck" symbol widely used even in the USA up until the 30s, found next to four leaf clovers and such

Although when you see it in the "theosophy" logo you have to wonder if it's really "good luck" or some occult shit.

Doubly so for the so called star of David.

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Actually used on every single continent in the world and by most ancient civilizations.

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Everything here is a funny nazi Meme

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Not usually how that is drawn, but that was awesome. For those that do not know, the kabbalistic tree of life is derived from the sacred geometric flower of life. The jews and freemasons use SG a bunch. It is after-all, the pattern of creation. Luckily no one can lay claim to it besides the one true creator.

These patterns are also seen on psychedelic trips.

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I made this after seeing a picture here showing how the star of David and swastika could be drawn with the same pattern, only using different angles. I was suspicious and coded it just to check. Sweeping through other angles I found these other patterns and made it look nice enough to share. How is my animation different from how it's usually drawn?

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Starting with a dot. Then move away from the dot and make a second dot. Then draw a line, this becomes the radius for your circle. Draw a circle. Then draw six circles around that circle. Continue outwards in a like pattern. All of those patterns could then be drawing using that "blueprint".

It would be cool if you made a diagram showing the ratios in the line at the start. Very interesting and great job creating that showing the angle relaxations.

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Nice OC bro!

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Woah, great OC!

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90 Degrees moves four times before its made a complete rotation. Four Seasons, Four Fingers, Four Limbs etc. It's more a naturing number.
120 Degrees moves three times before its made a complete rotation. In the Orient, especially the Levant the four seasons were much less apparent and mysticism was more encouraged. The Hexagon and star-shaped symbols in general are more a magical, nurturing thing and the polar-opposite in some ways to the Swastika.

The Communists didn't adopt the star as their thing for nothing. The Nationalists countered it with the Swastika which is generally the more 'fitting' thing compared to the Jewish star.

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i rememeber seeing a video that the flower of life was found on some ancient structure in egypt

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Here too


edit- just realized this is in the other guys link as well!

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Yes at the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, Egypt. More pics here.

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I actually delivered a bed to a guy who has the sacred geometrics painted on the ceiling of his bedroom with recessed lights in each circle

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Oh. The flower of life just looks like cell division. I get it.

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Anyone able to post here a link, or a bunch of links/book names, worth reading if we want to learn more about this?

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“The ancient secret of the flower of life” is a 2 part book series that is REALLY cool. The author calls himself drunvalo melchizadek or something along those lines...the flower of life symbol is located on ancient structures on all 6 human populated continents.

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Yes both of his books are very good too!

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Check out Randal Carlson on the jewtube. Sacred Geometry International. that will get you started.

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I'm fairly sure Martin Gardner did this in Mathematical Games.

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Lots of cool stuff here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/geometria_sagrada/esp_geometria_sagrada_6.htm

I bought this book called "Memento 13: Remembering the Self Through the Geometry of God's Love" by Milena AMAZON/gp/product/B01F9QI8SK/ (hardcover, paid $75) long ago, can't believe how much it is going for now. One of the most beautiful books I have ever seen.

You should just dive in and see where it leads you. Better yet, start drawing some. Metatron's Cube is really fun to draw. Like I said before it helps balance your brain hemispheres. Drawing SG is kinda like a moving meditation.

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note the pentagram at 144. the number of those who were sealed and the number of those who stand with the Lamb.

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the pentagram is not an evil symbol it represents humanity. the satanist took the symbol and flipped it upside down to represent worshipping humanity

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It also appears on Gawain's shield in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, very worthwhile read for anyone interested in Arthurian lore, and European mythology in general.

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Is standing with a lamb bad thing? What so bad about lambs? Do you hate lambs?

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Provided you're not standing behind the lamb with your pants down.

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WE are the lambs and (((they))) like to think themselves the shepherds. Ever see that symbol with the scepter stabbed through the lamb you probably have but just didnt notice till now.

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whut the.

im mesmerised.

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I legitimately stared at that for 10 minutes.

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I don't know what the fuck that was, but it was awesome!

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the degrees are the angle of the turns, left then right, and the bottom shows what happens when you continue past the first line (is my best guess)

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Looks like we're destined by the laws of physics to do battle with Jews and ancient cults.

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