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I bet she fucks good

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In Soviet Russia girl fucks you

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I need a Russia girl.

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In America girls fuck you as well, legally speaking at least.

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Fuck me or I break your dick.

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Can she break by my dick by fucking me instead

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Sorry sir please dont be mad at me.

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whoa that is hot

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She couldn't give a fuck about the dude, she just didn't want her vending machine broken.

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Right? I'm torn on this one. On one hand, it looked like the guy who got KO'ed was doing the world a favor by bludgeoning that worthless drunkard to death.

But on the other hand, he was damaging that machine- all he had to do was back up a few feet and bash the guy's head into the wall until he died, and he probably wouldn't deserve that punch.

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gay beta comment

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Alita, battle angel.

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Was a thing for decades before jews made a movie about it.

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Still one of my favorite manga. The anime was meh. Haven't seen the movie yet but I'm prepared to be disappointed.

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I believe.

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It's illegal to deny the Holocaust in Russia.

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The German one or the Russian one?

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Specifically, the German. But most likely both.

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hahahahha - they're all drunk as skunks - except the little kasirchika

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in soviet union, a fuck gives you.

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Damn, you wouldn't expect a KO from an arm that scrawny, but Russia I guess.

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Pretty sure the men are both drunk.

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Drunk man make skinny girl STRONK!

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High on krokodil*

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Russian women are hardy and strong. They are the perfect breed. Western women though.... sweet jesus.

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She threw that punch like someone who has been trained at least a little. Very good technique, perfect accuracy... you don't need to be strong to KO a drunk man if you hit him in the right spot at the right moment!

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Sure you would. A KO isn't really about strength. It doesn't take a great deal of strength to concuss the head, or rotate it on the axis of the spine. You've just got spin the head fast enough that the brain collides with the inside of the skull.

The issue is more to do with the place you connect and the velocity.

We don't expect women to get knockouts because of the probability of knockouts. If a man goes for it and misses, he is better off than a woman who goes for it and misses.

It also has to do with the way women have evolved socially to fight. They open hand slap primarily because there are social repercussions that exist for men who hit her back because of a slap. If, on the other hand, she closed-fist punches you, well it's kinda out the window then. You asked for it. So women don't tend to throw those kinds of punches. They are better off slapping. They get the pleasure of hitting you, and also the social protection from white knights who are always ready to jump in on their behalf.

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