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I was in line at the checkout in a market here once and this guy asked for cigarettes. The woman opened the cabinet over her shoulder to get them and the guy tried to open her cash drawer. She grabbed him by the arm and started clobbering him with a shopping basket. If this wasn’t bad enough the next old woman in line started smacking him with a two liter bottle of water.

I can personally vouch for this kind of stuff happening over here pretty regularly.

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Don't fuck with grandma. She grew up in a much harder time than you did!

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There is a distinct difference in the Russians that lived as adults during the Soviet era and the ones that have become adults after it ended. It is easy to see.

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plus her life is he pretty much over anyways, so she's got nothin to lose

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Luckily you don't have niggers as they would definitely shoot first before demanding money

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The common negro has a underdeveloped prefrontal cortex which poses a challange for them to think beyond the present moment. It's why they have never independently created a civilization. They even need jews to create them their own fantasy of an advanced "Wakanda" civilization for them.

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Anyone who doesn't have niggers is lucky.

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any place is lucky to have no Niggers. There is a reason I call them skid marks

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I definitely have niggers because I live in the SE United States. Of course where I live we are free so everyone IS or ISN’T armed. The potential criminal gets to choose. Crime is low where I live.

Here in Russia where I am working things are similar. Guns and knives are illegal so if a person wants to be s criminal their advantage is minimal

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сохраняй спокойствие и продолжай

(Keep calm and carry on)

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I feel bad for the shopping basket.

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70 years of communism where everyone hated their job, couldn't quit and knew why the clerk at the GUM store didn't give a fuck what you wanted or if you got it.

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Go home Dima, you're drunk again. This is the third time this week!

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Thanks. Fuck imgur. Nobody needs JavaScript to view images or play videos.

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Based as shit.

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Don't mess with TradGrandma. She knows your grandma.

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This is very old, one of those classic re-uploads, but still funny.

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Wow when that lady just pushes him away I lost it,what's the point waving a gun around if you're not going to use it.

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I guess it would be an example of someone down on their luck who needs money but doesn't want to kill anyone over it...

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Man still had some honour left. I already know that I cant kill in cold blood. I think most people with a conscience cant either unless i was executing an enemy and know his crimes.

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Thinking of you, man.


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lol. Russian memes are the best because they are actually real life.

It wouldn't surprise me if the guy was somehow related to the lady and that's why she acted so calm

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It wouldn't surprise me if the guy was somehow related to the lady and that's why she acted so calm

My thoughts as well- almost like this guy is a known piece of shit. "Oh look, Vadim's been drinking and shooting up that krokodile shit again, and he's got a gun. Vadim, get the fuck out of here!" "Bitch, I will shoot you!" "No, you won't- go home and sleep it off young man."

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