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It's too bad he caught the edge of the tunnel. He would have landed flat and kept going, General Lee style.

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They don't know it yet, but them Duke boys are gonna be in a heap of trouble when they finally meet their long lost brother, Dr. David

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You won the Internet today Goaty!

Now go hide your head in shame

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Fuck me, my sides. BTW, anyone else find it hilarious that Duke is defending Oman?

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If he hadn't caught the edge then he wouldn't have done that cool corkscrew lol

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Someone please remake that gif with the "Yeehaaaw" sound.

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If he had just rotated a little more he would have pulled off the most amazing jump ever.

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I've watched it 20-25 times, keep hoping he makes it. Little too much speed, impressive hang-time for a car.

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That's like the famous Chinese general: Hoh Lee Chit

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Sum Ting Wong

Wi tu lo

Ho Lee fuk

Bang Ding Ow

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Nice barrel roll at the end. Bit of a rough landing. 6.5/10.

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First mistake was when he was adding power to take off. At high elevation he should have added about 75% power with brakes on; then leaned the fuel mixture to max rpm... then gone to full power and released the brakes. He was way over gross anyway but it may have helped.

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Another one from the same tunnel: https://imgoat.com/uploads/5d8ce590ad/196302.gif

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Nice of them to include ramps in both directions.

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HOLY SHIT! hahaha. it's like a glitch in the Matrix!

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Now I feel even luckier. The one time I fell asleep at the wheel I crossed a lane of oncoming traffic & slightly woke up as a drove over a gravel shoulder. Then fully woke up as I hit someone's mailbox which was on a 4x4 post. The funny part was it flew across their yard & landed perfectly upright next to their front door stoop. It looked as though it belonged there. No, I wasn't drunk just tired........ YES, I took off & got the hell outta there.

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3/10 Shit landing.

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He almost fucking made it holy shit.

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