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His chute didn’t open, but i bet his poop chute did.

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mine probably would have

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poopchute.com lol from Jay and Silent Bob

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Jay and Silent Bob...oh yeah. 2 stoner characters made up by the guy who has sucked the most Jewish cock in Hollywood. No wonder they joke about poop.

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Looks like his harness broke. Did he survive? Gifs that end too soon.

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I imagine they pulled him back up.

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Assuming he didn't finish falling out of the harness....

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Hope he packed some fresh shorts.

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If that happened to me my anus would be too tightly clenched to release for a good few hours without the aid of a strong laxative. I can't say my bladder would have that problem, but my anus would definitely be so tightly puckered my colon would pass diamonds after a scare like that for a good week at the least.

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Fuck all of that I’ve dropped out of a c-141 a c130 a casa 212, a shinook and a Blackhawk (do not ever attempt Blackhawk shit was scary man every other aircraft had forward momentum but Blackhawk we just sit on the sides and hop off while they were hovering.) maybe it’s a video or something from jumpmaster school regardless if this shit happened in any of the chalks I was in I’d nope the fuck out right then. Most likely the 2 straps that go around your ass and up on either side of his nuts to the front of the harness failed or were not attached. And it looks like static line got tangled around the bottom that equipment bag below his chute if he had handed the line to the jump master made that turn and jumped straight out this wouldn’t happen. But if your jumping with your ruck on your knees your weapon on your side and all that other battle rattle shit can sometimes happen.

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There's alot going on here...go goes out the door spread eagle. Why was this dude hands at out like he was about to fly? Legs spread out like he was about to jump onto a dildo. No weapon. This is some foreign shit skin video. This guy looks completely untrained.

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Yeah definitely not a T-10C like we used to jump the round ones with the cutout in the back and toggles for directional control (yeah right). When I was in 3rd group my buddy deployed to Nigeria and they got to do a jump with the Nigerians he said the DZ was a fucking landfill and the Nigerians were wearing like old style leather football helmets. After that I decided attempting to get foreign jump wings on my class A’s probably wasn’t worth it.

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I can hear the choppers coming! They are flying over head, coming for the wounded, coming for the dead! Airborne!

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Fucking Legs will never understand.

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Some shit that can happen only happens once

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Wow. You've seen a lot of movies, or maybe played a lot of video games.

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GSC 3rd SFG Ft Bragg NC 2000-2003 I wasn’t an operator I was group support as a commo guy 25U (communications systems signal support specialist) Barracks where right off Yadkin road. I was on airborne status for 3 years after returning from my first duty station in Camp eagle South Korea with HHT 1/6 air cavalry. Do you realize how retarded you sound questioning someone who knows exactly what the fuck they are talking about.

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Reel 'em back, boys.

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better source?

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