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Gotta love it when there's a happy ending.

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Happy indeed! I am smiling hard! A dead extremist muzzie is a good muzzie.

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It warms my heart to see how rustled the low IQ degenerates can get. Thanks for making my day.

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God damn goat fuckers. A true scourge on this earth

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ya too bad.. I feel sorry for the goats.

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say what you will about american military might they've never put something in the field like the MIG for maneuverability and responsiveness

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I really like the old A-10 Warthog, maybe not fast or maneuverable beautiful beast and the jihadis are terrified by it

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Best aircraft ever.

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You don't know much about the A-10 do you. It's not that old... relatively speaking.

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I means basically a heavily armed titanium bath tub. Does the job though.

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The air to air win/loss ratio of the F15 is 104/0. No one has ever even shot one down. There have been a few claims of ones being operated by foreign countries being shot down but never any convincing ones.

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comparing Mig-29 with F-15 is just wrong.

And the way most countries use Mig-29 is also wrong.

Mig-29 wasn't designed to work alone as an air superiority fighter, Russians have Su-27 family (firs of which was designed around same time) and Mig-31 for that Role.

Of course, F-15 will beat Mig-29 one vs one(and most of fights between two, weren't even one vs one, but Mig-29 alone trying to stop entire USAF including F-15, AWACS, Electronic Warfare Aircrafts etc), like Tank will beat APC one vs one.

Mig-29 when used right way (for example in India-Pakistani war) is very effective, It was designed to take up from near frontline air bases (and even enemy's airbases taken by soviet infantry) and cover advancing allied troops from enemy jets and attack aircraft.

Mig-29 was extremely weak in BVR area, because it was never meant to be heavy, long range air superiority fighter. But due to fucked up situation in which, soviet client states didn't have luxury to field Su-27/30 or Mig-31 to assist Mig-29, Mig-29 had to act as air superiority interceptor,resulting in horrible service record.

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And just think, we have aircraft that are newer than that.

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yeah I think that was just an internet rumor, there are kills in war game exercises. The Middle East is notorious for its lies and propaganda, where there could have been contact Iran–Iraq War, Iran btw is still flying F-14 Tomcats, other reports said Royal Saudi Air Force F-15C pilots reportedly shot down two Iranian Air Force F-4E Phantom. Most F-15 kills have been achieved by Israeli Air Force pilots against Arab owned MiGs, another recent report by the Saudi owned Press admitted the loss of an aircraft over Yemen against some kind of Arab scud missile, though it did not clarify whether it was a Tornado or an F-15, the Saudis own many different aircraft from all kinds of NATO countries.

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There have been a few claims of ones being operated by foreign countries being shot down but never any convincing ones.

Aren't those claims of F15s being shot down claims of STA weapons bringing them down? I could be remembering that wrong.

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I think it's the Sukhoi's that is mostly know for that. If for a moment you ignore the "my dad is stronger than yours" argument, I just find the difference in design philosophies to solve similar problems fascinating though. And how a certain approach is often distinctively tied to a certain nationality.

There's a reason you get two different mental images if I say "German design" or "Italian design". There's also a reason why you come up blank if I say "Zimbabwean design"..

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As if niggers think.

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Oh, I get a very specific mental picture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWOyM9Axn-w

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The F-15 has a combined air-to-air combat record of 104 kills to no losses as of February 2008. Mostly MIGs including the 29!

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Wheres the video faggot

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Seems kind of fake honestly, guy gets blown up but his phone/camera survives to keep recording a perfectly cinematic fall, to be found by someone who later uploads it to the internet? Nahhhhh

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Maybe streaming the video live shrug

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They should really show stuff like this on America's funniest videos.

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In the ethnostate, brother. Soon.

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