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They react as if someone dropped a plate

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Almost shoots three people. Meh let's do it some more!

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Fucking retards. A drunk redneck could handle a gun better than this towelhead cold sober.

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I dunno, dude. I've seen some seriously scary shit happen at outdoor ranges.

One of my best friends was shooting at an outdoor range when this pig headed sheriff car pulled into the lot. My friend and his brother were out there shooting and as he was going down range to change targets this motherfucker started opening fire in the adjacent range and kept doing so. Needless to say it freaked him the fuck out, and everyone else at the range. The deputy (?) refused to back down until the whole range was basically haranguing him for his stupidity, at which point he drove off.

I admit that there is still probably better trigger discipline in the redneck community, but I have to wonder just how much sometimes...

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Seems more like a personality-disorder then stupidity.

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the inbreeding helps also.

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Lmao he just keeps going after that

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I spent about a month on liveleak once ... i dunno morbid curiosity, boredom... looking at the worst of the human race ... there are hundreds upon hundreds of vids of Arabs, molsems randomly accidentally killing each other ...sometimes its a celebration that ends with a random fool pumping holes into each others chests, blasting their own heads off, ripping each others guts apart with 7.62 x39 or 308 ammo, trying to launch a rocket at some other place and blowing themselves up, trying to make a device and killing everyone ... the only postive I can say is they are not 'Niggers' they at least had a history once upon a time ...but ....they have regressed, this islam has made a civilization fail and made a part of the world de-evole into something low, toxic, cancerous and total failure, they are without doubt the dumbest, most backward civilization on Earth

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I've been travelling through SE Asia the last few months and the pestilence has taken hold of formerly decent folk in Malaysia and Indonesia. The last time I was there was over 20 years ago. They've regressed to almost ME standards in some parts. Fucking wahabbis with their Arafat terrorist towels.

Myanmar is right to keep these fucks under control.

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The arabs managed to invent algebra and make scientific discoveries once upon a time, then Islam came around and now all they do is rape little boys and blow themselves up

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Damn, he missed.

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Send them bullets

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He could have handled the gun better.

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