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it's britbongistan, they don't have any guns there so they have to resort to magic sticks, and even then, the ministry is cracking down on them.

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He's firing nigger style.

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But unlike niggers, he's actually a good shot. Hence the headshot.

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Harry was the bad guy of the movie, prove me wrong.

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didn't voldemort want purebloods to rule or some shit even though he was a half-blood & Harry wanted a dysgenic mixed wizard society even though he was a pure blood?

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Voldemort wanted the wizard blood to remain pure. While Harry thought everyone should be a wizard.

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Is no nose man a lich? That'd make him a lot cooler

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He's basically a type of lich If I'm remembering right, he's got multiple phylacteries or whatever they call them in the HP universe.

It's been like 10 years since I read those faggy books though so shrug.

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If you want a wizard named Harry that isn't afraid to use a gun, read the Dresden Files.

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Watch the film "Wizards". It's so, so much better than that Harry fucking Potter tripe.....

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Then Voldormort would still be living inside Harry. He's the holcrux he did not intend on making.

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Based on the lore Hogwarts had magical spells placed around it by Albus Dumbledore himself to cause muggle electronics to break so he would know about guns so i'm sure he had spells placed around Hogwarts that would cause guns to not work. And if any student brought a gun they would be expelled.

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