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I love how this one has a tree blocking us for just long enough for everything to explode.

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Oh, I wanted to see you.

On a flat surface, my porch, a 12 gauge doesn't have enough recoil to significantly move my mass in a wheelchair. The recoil doesn't make the chair move significantly enough to notice any difference in placement.

Firing rapidly did not make any difference.

Science. I tested this for science. I could probably more accurately measure it, but I see no reason to do so. It is quite insignificant, if at all. My mass and, presumably, friction in the system has more energy than the recoil.

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What kind of 12 gauge? Pump, semi-auto, double barrel?

You may enjoy this. Same idea but with a boat.

Also, I'm glad to hear that you have recovered enough to fire a shotgun.

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Pump. It's not any significant movement.

When I have good weather, I'll bring out something with more force. I've got choices. I'll throw the tape measure back on the porch and try it with something larger but I'm skeptical that I'll get any significant movement with the calibers I have available. It's an excuse to bring out something big.

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Thanks to whomever stabilized that. Was Michael J Fox running the camera?

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Goofy footed mother fucker.

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What is this? Funniest home videos?

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so nice..funny!!

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Good thing that nice soft plastic car was there to break his face fall!

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Let this be an object lesson for all obese people with Down's Syndrome.

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