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The camera frame rate was adjusted until it is in sync with the water flow, causing it to appear still.

Here's a great video on it that also uses sound to cause different effects with the water flow.

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close, it's not in sync with the water flow, it's synchronized with the lighting.

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lighting looks natural. can you sync a camera or post-material to the sun?

(this is a sincere question)

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It's called laminar flow, retard. It looks like this in real life.

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Y'all motherfuckers need physics.

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The reverse flow bit makes me question Einsteins theory about time travel not being possible.

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I'd make a low-tier reddit joke about cum, but I would just get called a faggot. Rightfully so.

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I'll still call you a faggot.

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GET A ROOM, you fags! !

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it's a reddit miracle

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I chuckled.

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Some kind of laminar flow faucet?

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It looks like a super basic faucet so I doubt it. It's probably just the right set of circumstances with water temp, pressure, and how a camera lens makes it look.

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looks like natural liquid..and they may be shoot the pic by sync the camera. It's good to see

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OP is a witch

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You can do this with sonic waves at the right frequencies. You can do all sorts of amazing thing with water and sound.

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