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This is the quality content I come to Voat for.

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Just doing my part.

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200 plane hits so far and the tower is still standing. This is a long movie but I gotta see the ending.

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I fear for the safety of whoever took this video. They are a true patriot.

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Something something oy veyyy

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Oh shit I must flee back to israel. You got me on video oy gevalt

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Would need a picturenof silverstein grubbing his hands together and saying pull it and the. Wtc 7 falling from office fires for this to be a real voat joke. Not sure we should joke about the 2nd biggest lie in american history.

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What was the biggest lie? I can think of many contenders

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Moonlanding number 1

9/11 number 2

Jfk number 3

Lithustania number 4

Pearl harbor number 5

Gulf of tonkin number 6

Sandy hook number 7 for me personaly this one disgust me the most. It was an attempt to take the 2nd amendment away aka an attempt to end our right to defend ourselves from tyrinical goverment.

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Lighten up. This post is more of a commentary on voat than 9/11. Wanted to make a dancing jew gif, but needed a background, so I thought, why would jews be dancing?

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Are you referencing the 5 dancing israelis that were arrested ?

Cuz that actually happened.


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OC at its finest .

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