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the race war is always on. And its played under the sheets. No White baby today - no White race tomorrow.

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One down, aiming for at least five

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That's not how it works, white populations are ever increasing and we're the least likely race to racemix. Our future is secured until something happens. The problem we're facing today is all the damn mexicans and mulatto abbos that came through during our open house policies of the last 50-60 years. They're draining our economy more than niggers ever did, and getting paid to have as many children as possible. The elite have found their new slaverace.

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LOL last time I was in California 1/3 of couples on the streets were mixed.

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William dafeo is a pedophile.

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That explains his gay character in boondock saints

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Fuckin a, does it ever stop...

Can you link me a video

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Man i feel this way but im a little fucked because my wife is taiwanese but she is more racist and based then 80 percent of white women i am sure of that. She likes white culutre better then her own for many reasons but i might have to end up fighting in this order.

  1. The jews

  2. Isreal

  3. Non religious jews

  4. White liberal traitors

  5. Blacks

  6. Mexicans

  7. Then if whites attack me as a race traitor i will have to defend my self against them. Hitler teamed up with the japs for fuck sake!

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I consider myself white nat, but I'm not a total purist. I hope though if push came to shove, you'd help us achieve a white ethnostate or ten even if it meant self-sacrifice.

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Ya my list should show my loyalties. Problem is first casualtiy of war is the truth and the master manipulators are the jews. They will have us fighting each other and stabbing each other in the back etc. Etc.. we wont know who the real enemies are.

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Hitler had Jews, Muslims, japs, Indians and Africans

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I semiconsider Japs honorary whites. Their skin gets plenty white and their eyes the roundest of the Orientals. Don't know enough about the Taiwanese though.

You pick her up at the post office?

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Lol.. taiwanese are basicaly chinese. And i agree with you would have got a jap if possible i just happend to meet a tall taiwanese through a common friend.

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Hitler's army was the most diverse army the world has ever seen

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LOL... Gotta love that gif but admit it OP, if the tyre really hit the tarmac you'd be curled up in a corner crying for your mama. I reckon with a name like WolvenWargod you probably spent too much time playing RPG's.

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Had that handle since Armored Core 3, a very long time ago. Always liked the ring of it.

And you don't know me, cat_sausage

Edit- had to look up moosh. All I found was cat shit/stuff.

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I like math. sometimes i go off of math tangents when im bored or find something interesting to calculate. The victor in a Race war in this country is irrefutably white people. Theres no way to disagree with that statement if you agree with math. If you don't agree with math, then please stop reading this sentence and go get a liberal arts degree. I personally would like to avoid such a thing. but i do recognize the risks of one potentially igniting.

13% percent blacks in US. That means 6.5% men. around 1.5 million black men are in jail. That leaves approximately 17 million blacks males left to fight, and this not counting the elderly or children. 17 million..... compared to the number of whites. theyre dwarfed. White people own more AR 15s than there are black people in this country. the war would be over swiftly and the aftermath would mean glory for our civilization and advancement.

So i say, bring it on media.lets start this shit ASAP if its an inevitability.

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You believe official statistics on race?

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Thats why they are bringing in muslims and wait for a few years.. They breed like rabbits

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What movie is this from?

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need more AR mags

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"my face when"

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Thanks urban dictionary

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yw goat

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