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That's a beta. Not to be confused with a Chinese fighting fish.

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Ha when he gets the red pill I died!

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Hahaha!! Nearly missed it too... damn that was funny.

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Hilarious, faggots

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Right?! You can feel the disgust he has for it.

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I clipped it for those tired of waiting.

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I don't get it. Why did he start crying when he got the black one?

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I've been watching it for 8 hours now and I haven't seen a red or black pill.

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Needs a merchant near the top of the frame dumping the bluepills in.

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This should be the top comment

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Beta goyfish.

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Excellent. I got a laugh out of it. Ive been wanting to buy a drawing pad to make original stuff. Just cant do any drawing with a mouse

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Thanks. I'm using a stylus on a 4k laptop touch screen. Saves a ton of time/frustration, it's a lot more fun than using a mouse.

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I used the open source image editor GIMP 2. Not as difficult as I predicted, definitely recommend giving it a go!

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Nice. I played with GIMP, not too long ago. But more focused on picking up Krita, at the moment— highly recommend it, especially if you have a stylus that's pressure/angle sensitive. It's specifically designed to be as realistic as possible. Mimics not just different type of brushes, but also: erasers, smudging tools, pencils, pens, markers, etc. Also open source.

All of that being said: GIMP specifically has a GIF-editing mode, doesn't it? Which arranges frames on to a timeline, etc. If so, I might have to spend some more time on it. *edit: wait, nope, lol. That's Krita: https://imgoat.com/uploads/45117b0e0a/179099.png my bad

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Thanks for the heads up, hadn't heard of Krita, I'll definite try it out. Really cool to have these options, I remember when the choice was MS-paint or pirated Adobe Photoshop.

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It should be a blue turd, and there should be a jew shitting it into his mouth.

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claps feverishly

If I could give more than one upvoat, I would.

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