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That's how they used to drive the base transportation buses at the US Air Force base in Gander, Newfoundland, during the winter. Deliberately going sideways with 40+ people in a school bus, in traffic, and no one bats an eyelash.

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Thats hillarousws

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Understeer. The party drug of driving.

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That's oversteer.

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You are both right. What you are looking at is a welded rear differential in slippery conditions. With that you can tap in and out of either mode with breaking and accelerating. With the amount of rally drivers having come out of Sweden/Finland, it should come as no surprise that it's a very popular with the youth there in particular.

Generally not advisable to weld up your diff, but admittedly a lot of fun in the right conditions.

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Yeah looks like oversteer to me.. oversteer, lose traction swinging out the back. If it was understeer they wouldn't make the turn.

They all handle it okay though, surprisingly. Not their first rodeo I imagine.

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Understeer is when you turn the wheel and the car keeps going straight

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Genius. I'm borrowing this.

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Some of the more pussy states shut down for a half inch of snow, and there is a thousand accidents.

Then there is these crazy russian fuckers. Molded by it.

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In Russia, Police drift too.

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This gave me deja vu

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I've been in this place before.

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Soon to be Moscow Collisions, I think.

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Check out meanwhile in russia on youtube its the accident highlights. Blyat 😂

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Snow is double edged water.

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