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At least someone, is building a wall.

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oh dam!

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Fun fact: the largest beaver damn on the planet is in Alberta Canada and can be seen from orbit.

Pro tip; never never ever ...underestimate a beaver. They will fuck you up if you fall down.

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I like the way it stops in the middle of the road and thinks. "Do I really want this log? Is this the right log? Should I have picked that other birch log on the left?"

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I watched it stop and thought more along the lines of it thinking "wtf u looking at there buddy" "nothing to see here"

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or...’Ya see what I did to this tree motherfucker?’ ‘ you’re leg is next,, now back off!’ . ‘Beaver work’in here.’

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Yup, that's what they do.

I have a love/hate relationship with those bastards, they have a one track mind, but during their whatever they do they can create some amazing ecosystems, they equally destroy amazing ecosystems just as much though it's like 50:50.

Either way I respect trappers more then I respect beavers.

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Their feet are sort of creepy.

This road looks like where I grew up. We have beaver and muskrats floating around.

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why more respect for trappers?

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They keep he bastards in check. Beavers are a destructive force, they're enire existence is based off moving water from one resource to another, sometimes they do good thing, a lot of times they do bad things, trappers monitor areas and notice nuissance behaviors and trap those beavers because they are easier to trap and because they threaten their traplines.

Most people don't eat beavers, and without trappers to harvest and maintain healh non intrusive populations you'd see real climate change and ecosystem shifts, and the aquatic invasive species that already threaten many parts of the world would spread unchecked.

Beavers only natural instincts are to breed and move water. They would gladly dry up a river or decimate a lake to build a shallow swamp.

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I wish I was that motivated.

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I bet he built a better home with it than Africans would have.

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jesus christ. hurry the fuck up, beaver

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He's part of Trump's wall building team.

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