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fuck mane, dats outta muy grasp. Woo gunna paid fur dat?

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Ah, a-hole up hole up hole up hole up, wassa paid?

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dammit mayn mus beez duh wyte pepo putz it dere liek dat

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Horse uses rope to get it is treat

Really makes you think.

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It is treat indeed.

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The apostrophe indicates possession in this case not a contraction.

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Never knew horses ate ditch weed.

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Clever Horse i must say!!! super try and successed even.

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We had a horse that would open her stall door and get into all sorts of foid related mischief

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I had a dog like that, she would break the puppy (which is now full grown) out of its cage at night so it could piss and shit everywhere. It was a spring loaded lock that had to be pressed on two spots. That dog was stupid smart, that’s also the reason we don’t have her anymore, add those brains to extreme agility and aggression towards animals and you have a dog that would break her harness jump the 6 foot fence and maul an old ladies Maltese while she walked by. Last time I ever get a dog as an adult, couldn’t train those behaviors out.

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IDK why I find this story interesting

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Mister Ed's DOTR-brand Edibles: they swing low, so you can swing high.

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This was a very disappointing gif, given the title "Tool Use in a Horse".

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