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what is this shit where they pull their shirt of

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Want to front that they're going to do something but dont actually have the balls to do it. Bluffing basically. Only this time a cop was there to call tyrones bluff.

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Actually most niggers do fight when their shirt goes off, from what I've seen on videos at least. I don't know exactly why they take their shirt off, probably some monkey tribal thing. As soon as you see them start to take their shirt off, like in this video, you strike.

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When I suddenly pull my shirt off, it's because I'm about to have an epic shit.

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I know exactly the one. The last time I took off my shirt was in a Walmart bathroom. I spent almost an hour fighting with the thickest, driest horse cock shit I had ever taken in my entire life. It stood up straight in the fucking bowl and my asshole hurt for a fucking week after that.

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Funny how that somehow makes it a little better.

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it's so you don't get grabbed, and niggers tend to grapple. It's not actually that dumb if you think about it, long hair is also a liablility in a fight.

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It also puts you in a position of complete helplessness for a split second, be careful doing that.

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This. Don't you guys ever watch LiveLeak? If you keep your shirt on it's easy to have somebody pull it over your face, rendering you useless while they pummel your head.

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Only thing I can think is that it makes it impossible to get holds on the shirt if you're grappling. But it doesn't really make a whole lot of difference with thin t-shirt fabric. More than likely, they saw it in movies somewhere and assimilated it as "thug lyfe". One really common element I've observed with black violence in these sorts of police videos is that its highly aggressive, but often very poorly executed. Usually, when they get the better of someone it's because they sucker someone. When you see these guys get ready to throw swings, they telegraph it from a mile away (if they aren't suckering you). Their punches are always wild hay makers or a flailing mess.

I remember talking to a cop one time about the martial arts they need for the street and how deep they get at academy. He basically said 99% of the violence they face is totally untrained, and you really don't need a curriculum of techniques. You need a few reliable techniques that you practice until they're reflexive. He said takedowns and white-belt level grappling is usually sufficient, along with the standard joint locks you learn at most academies. They have weapons for everything else.

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I have 1000s of fight videos that I have collected, categorized and analyzed in slow motion.

Getting your shirt off is in fact very sensible bcs it is a standard way for opponents to control you. Happens all the time. For example, if your shirt is pulled over your head, you will be in a very bad situation.

Nigs see more fights than whites, so they know this.

It is a complex topic but the main things we need to do for self defense is to defend the head, neck and waist. Learn to fight from an effective cover guard (e.g. MMA High Guard). 99.999% of guys fight with no guard. So they get KOed.

In self defense some things that matters are

  1. Awareness - avoid trouble, see it coming, etc. This is the best, ofc.

  2. Aggression. Being determined and aggressive is hugely important. Attack, attack, attack!

  3. Pre-emption (get in first)

  4. Never retreat more than one step - otherwise you will give their attacks momentum

  5. Get off the opponent's line of attack and get the angle, whatever you are doing

  6. Never wait to be attacked - ACTOR BEATS REACTOR - so if you are standing still, you will not be able to react in time. An attacker can cross 20 feet before you can raise your arms.

  7. 40% of fights are multiple-on-one. You have to end the fight before the 3rd man comes in.

  8. Be aware of being triangulated as the fight approaches

  9. Never trust a nigger. Never turn your back or let them sidle up for the king hit. Remember that many people have no honor.

  10. Learn to stand up off the ground quickly and with your head protected (many fights end with soccer kicks to the head or people come in and hit you from another angle) while moving off the X and counterattacking as fast as possible

  11. Deceit is a huge part of fighting.

  12. Train for bad situations e.g., you have already been clipped, perhaps a little staggered, and must fight out of the bad situation.

  13. Train in how to attack first and decisively, including against two guys. Don't train for "fair fights". By definition, self defense situations are not "fair fights"

  14. Focus on ways to get KOs and understand how to really hurt people.

  15. Learn how to KO while in grappling situations (open hands to jawline often works better than fists at very close distances, such as a few inches.)

  16. Learn how to use hammerfists on the top,back and sides of the head to make brutal KOs. (Tap your head with your hammer fist and see how it feels) The movement of the striking arms may be angled is more or less in the saggital plane (up to down). Horizontal blows can work but they also ted to miss too much.

  17. Practice daily for a few minutes to harden to hands and knuckles and strengthen the wrists and grip

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They saw that the gorillas in nature documentaries don't wear shirts when they fight. Monkey see, monkey do. Only issue with this theory is why they would be watching anything that could possibly be considered educational.

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they making a Waterboy sequel?

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Haha i love this one. So much energy.

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How nice of that officer to help with getting his shirt off.

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Somebody set up a go fund me. I'll buy both those cops a donut. Top shelf too.

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imagine having to deal with apes

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The version of this with sound sounds like the chimp exhibit in the zoo.

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