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Professional soccer players completely understand how utterly violent and intentional was his open handed hammer fist that nearly ripped her arm out of her socket

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Seriously? Come on, are we really trying to make a huge deal out of him touching her fucking arm gently as she suddenly shoved her hand into his face? Looks like reflex to me. If anything, the woman assaulted Acosta. She accosted Acosta.

And don't get me wrong- I despise the guy. But this is fucking ridiculous. "Omg he touched her arm he should go to jail for assault." The right is turning into the left and getting really fucking petty.

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That's substantially more physical abuse than any of Kavanaugh's accusers had to endure from him, and look at what they put him through.

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So you mean Jim Acosted?

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You win the internet today

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I've gotta agree here.

If we're all just not allowed to touch women, and we enforce such idiotic rules upon each other, our women will aggressively lobby to increase immigration rates so men from other countries who aren't afraid to make physical interactions with them can come here and do our job of breeding with them.

We're going to chivalry our way right in to extinction. But, no worries, right? Africans have constructed a significant number of civilizations that endured erosion brought on by time. Right? I mean, Africans are historically more successful than your average white or average American, in nearly every measure, aren't they?

No worries, guys. We just have to #believeallwomen and then they'll all want to have sex with us and happily produce plenty of children, all without touching any females! They love not being touched. In fact, loads of them wake up every day and imagine their perfect princess scenario, where all around town, the princess travels and is never ever touched or even looked at by all of the strong, productive, handsome men who would be wonderful fathers to her hypothetical children... you know, just so long as no one touches her. Oh, what a life that would be, entirely devoid from attention from potential mates. Every sane woman's dream!

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Yup, the time for a Civil War is here.

From time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

It's time to kill some liberal asshole anti-American piece of shit motherfuckers.

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He could've just handed her the mic like a normal human being. He didn't shove her but he was very rude. She was doing her job. He had already asked a question, stfu and sit down.

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clearly battery

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He literally ASSAULTED her physically in a LITERAL way. GONE PHYSICAL!! GONE SEXUAL!

Fuck that guy though! He should learn to stfu when the president tells him to stfu.

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My only problem is she she didn't smoke him in the throat, or bury her thumb up to the palm in his eye. I'm tired of the press in this country thinking it's their job to enforce laws and overturn elections.

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He went for her boob! Sexual assualt maybe rape! RAPE!!!! HE DID IT. I saw him we all saw him rape rape. Fire him

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yeah that was rape.

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Well... I'm triggered. <Looks around for something to burn or spray with mace.>

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