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Our poll theme music shall be none other than metal


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As a chick you have no right to talk about metal. You probably only like Metallica just because everyone else does.

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You guys listen to supremely shitty music. Just letting you know.

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Yikes even the shadow has a beak that would make a stork jealous

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If the blue wave turns into a dud I will be leaving this bastion of retards for greener pastures. I don't think even the insane could stomach you fools crowing and dancing around in a victory lap. Now don't start with the salty tears nonsense as I knew 40 years ago that this country was a joke and Trumps victories no matter how many just prove me right and give me a told you so moment. The sooner this country of mindless consumers ignites the happier I will be.

Now get out there and VOTE!

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Forgot to take that flag of Israel with him.

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I don’t walk on a treadmill faggot

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Uh oh, how you be like now? The House majority was lost.

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Any other qualities of the smug, over-confident left you want to adopt?

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