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Remember goats! After jumping in your piles, don't forget to compost them. I'm currently stealing leaves from my neighbors yard. Throwing them away should be a sin.

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Aren't we just the jews of the gardening world, lol.

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It's really bad. It was windy yesterday and I was waiting for more leaves to fall off the maple in my front yard. The wind was blowing leaves off my lawn and I was getting sad at all the lost trace minerals/carbon blowing away.

This shit is worth so much and people willingly throw it out! It's insane.

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Leaves are nature's Weed n Feed. I will admit we do not use all of ours though. We have a huge maple in the front yard and there's too many leaves to use. But they are great for the garden and for weed control around our junipers.

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Honestly, the years I feel lazy, I just rake them all up around the base of the tree. It doesn't take long for them to compact and by spring, your tree just fed itself.

Alternatively look of "leaf mould". Super easy, low effort "compost".

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Just ask your neighbors for them. I’m sure they’ll let you rake their leaves!

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Time is a factor. I normally steal from those who have put them all on their curb for the town to pick up. Then all I need to do is wheel over a trash can and fill it up. That's quick. If I have to bust out the blower/rake and actually do the work - well those are precious hours out of my weekend. For the record, I spent my entire weekend gardening or doing house work. I really didn't do too much laying around, so time really matters. I've honestly considered handing out cards telling people to save their leaves for me. I know how crazy that sounds. Or I can charge them. $25 per yard. Then I would make money and get free leaves.

Now you got me thinking, you bastard.

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i saw people burning them ?? what the fuck

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This one hurts me the most.

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Fun fact, thats exactly what it feels like to have sex with Scarlett Johansson. That was back in ghost world, its gotta be way worse now.

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Put a ham in it and pull the bone out. You should fit then! Hahaha!

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Well, you gotta have something big enough to fill up the gap there peewee! Hahaha!

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Ever roughly fistfucked a woman? They don't snap back from that. Their cervices start to sag down (you have to push it up as you fuck them to get all the way in), partial prolapses start, and eventually they have to get a pelvic mesh to stop a full uterine prolapse.

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I love this time of year.

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I love how there's absolutely no hesitation.

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Haha, brilliant. I've seen one similar to this where the dog jumps out of the car and runs straight for a lake and jumps right in. Dogs are mental; good mental, not leftie mental.

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Do you mean cold?

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I'm more of a mulcher, like lawn mower with gator blade

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