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That was hillarious i love stupid shit like that..

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It was around that point in the movie you realize the title was actually chosen because they trolled the audience.

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Lolz. Thanks for the laugh!

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This post caused a full belly chuckle from me. Nice work.

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Its OK, they're Koreans.

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That's only okay if they're ROOF Koreans!

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Roof Koreans are too busy killing niggers.

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Have you seen the video with the mentaly ill tranny hitting people with an ax... that dog video would be a good ending to that video as well.

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That's ruff!

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This is not reddit dude just because you made it this high just tells me we have a lot of this change shit you faggots like to do and not do the things that people at reddit used to do. No fucking. Puns.

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Your autistic little ramble is the only redditesque behaviour here, fuck off back to your hugbox.

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Rut ro!

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Oh doggone it are we doing puns again?

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Not cool.

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Ive seen this actual on Faces of Death on vhs as a kid. The worst was the puppy dog sliced open alive in the kitchen, prepping to cook it.

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That's horrible. Hopefully that was one of the many fake scenes.


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countless videos (real ones) of chinese skinning dogs alive, boiling dogs alive, half killing dogs, blow torching dogs hung on wires, beating dogs to death, and many more all on LiveLeak

LOTS of real videos of dogs tortured by chinks all over Live Leak

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