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The rate of gravity was accelerated ×3. It took 4.8 seconds to collapse. If you stood on top of a building 1,200 ft dropped a 20 pound anvil it would take 12.8 seconds to hit the ground. Concrete, which is carbon and C4/termite have the same co-efficient of expansion.

The person on that video claims by triggering a c4 detonation all anything concrete/with a 'carbon' molecular structure was instantly turned into dust leading to the remaining suspended structure to neatly pile down in 4.8 seconds. The big white cloud of dust is toxic asbestos which was carried away by the wind but also the suspect reason for the high incidence of cancer cases among first responders /survivors.

9/11 was/is the biggest spectacle I have ever seen in my life. Just to start a perpetual war. Wow

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Gravity accelerates everything at the same rate irrespective of mass. This is such basic physics that you learn it in elementary school.