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How did it disintegrate?...industrial steel turned to dust in front of our

[–] riposte 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago 

Thermite/ate. It didn't turn to dust, it just came apart in very precise cuts. Disinfo will tell you of directed energy weapons, or some other pseudo-science that makes 9/11 truthers look retarded, but it was simply a very standard building demolition. The explosive substances were found in tests, and we see the blasts taking out windows as the building collapses.

What is the most telling is that the structural support was still standing when the building fell, and then this extremely strong support fell on it's own despite being capable of holding up multiple times the weight of the building.

[–] Doglegwarrior 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

If you cant tell that the cia or some ass hole goverment agency came up with the disinformation shit to make truthers look bad then nothing is going to help you long term anyways.. you are just too stupid for life.

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dustification. the towers didnt burn up, didnt slam into the ground. but debris turned to dust as it fell one hundred stories to the ground. DUSTIFICATION. dr. judy wood explains it well. . Also explains building 7, the toasted cars, jumpers, faster than freefall collapse, lack of debris and how there were survivors on the bottom floors and the absence of typical office materials (desks, chairs) but the passport of the sandnigger hijacker was left intact......just a rich mans trick.

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Remember Dorner the cop turned cop killer in CA. He also died in a massive cabin fire but his licence was also spared. Impressive plastic.

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Yes. Anything carbon was dustified instantly.

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Thermodynamics. Triggering an explosive that has the same co-efficient of thermal expansion with a steel structure.

Concrete was turned to dust, paper was floating in the air. Genius stuff.

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LOL, what?

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Wow, a real lif expert!