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A lack of an education does not necessarily mean someone is unintelligent. We all know there are plenty of rabid 'college graduates' and even 'PhDs' that seem like they have the IQ of a toilet roll. Even though I cannot deny that a truck driver statistically is not often a genius, there are definitely exceptions.

I've met plenty of people who worked labor jobs who would no doubt be in the top 10 or 5% of the population in terms of general intelligence. Plus, I'm of the firm belief that every individual, if they have the capability to do so regardless of their station in life or intelligence should partake in some laborious work once in a while even if it is as simple as building a shed in your yard.

A truck driver though they are not some master chemist or rocket scientist has a role in society. They work and frankly when there are millions that just leech off the system and others teaching gender studies I find their job respectable

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There is such thing as working a job while planning a better future.

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True but making 80K+ a year hauling hazmat while traveling the country isn't a bad job.

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you're a cuck

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Truck drivers make good money and some people enjoy that kind of work. Are you always this self-righteous and judgemental? That's usually a sign of low self-esteem, you are trying to make yourself feel better by putting others down. Don't be an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole. Do you like it when people make fun of you for being fat?

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Fuck off, most truckers are scum of the earth

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