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Or don't pull up to them at 65mph.

[–] HorseIsDead 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

That seems unrealistic, that truck would have had to have solid rubber contacting the ground covering the entire bottom of the truck to stop that quickly. Something is wrong about this.

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Modern trucks have stupidly good brakes

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And secure your load.

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Improperly loaded and secured is my guess. Anyone on Voat heavy haul?

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Improperly secured possibly, the bigger issue is slamming on the brakes with a pipe load. Pipes are one of the most dangerous hauls, take a turn too fast you'll easily roll the truck, or slam on the brakes like this guy and get crushed. I saw a coworker that likely didn't fasten properly, he got crushed by a pipe when he was unloading.

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Did he die?

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Looks like it was secured for fall off but not lift off. Iā€™m not sure what you can do to prevent this besides being super careful.

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Heavy duty straps every few feet and pressing the load to the front so it cant build up momentum, also drive like you give a fuck.

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All you need is to strap it down to the bed. Bonus is to not hit the breaks so hard, or drive so fast in areas you need to stop.

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lift off

I like the wording on this, gave me a chuckle.

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Lazy, didn't secure the load. Should be secured with something besides the side posts.

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I didn't see a single strap on that load.

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Are we not securing our loads?

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No we are not.

We're also not doing phrasing anymore.

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I wonder if it were already sliding off the back end, and the driver deliberately stopped fast to "adjust it up."

Looks like a pair of vertical prongs on the front end of the trailer was holding the pile together.

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What are you even picturing in your head with that?

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Omg is he ok?!?

[–] Ozzsanity 1 points 31 points (+32|-1) ago 

Yeah, he was wearing his seat belt.

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šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ Man, unexpectedly funny comment of the day award goes to you.

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audible kek

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If he isn't dead he'd be fucked up for life

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Seriously. This had to have been at least one point against him on his commercial truck driving license!

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In the version with audio he doesn't complain at all.

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That's a relief.

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What's left of him is doing just fine.

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Ooof. Final destination style.

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You know there was that one instant when he stopped before the line that he thought to himself, "nailed it"

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Now you know why trailers have bulkhead/ headache rack. The life you save may be your own.

Improperly secured and over loaded.

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Say what you want about the ability of the Chinese to secure loads, but you gotta admit those fuckers can build some class-A brakes.

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