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I wish it had killed her and the stupid fucks trying to save her. Chaining up a bear is horrible. Fuck those assholes.

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I came in to say exactly this. It's nice knowing I'm not alone.

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Fuck the Bear. Who cares if it's chained up, animals are too fucking retarded to know any better, as long as you feed them their slop they are perfectly content. They long for nothing. I used to feel sorry for caged animals but they do not yearn for freedom as a human does. They are literally too stupid to get bored of sitting still all day. It's so fucking dumb that it doesn't understand that it's chained up and all the people in front of him could kill the shit out of him instantly if they felt like it. The Bear would just fucking maul you to death for fun. Fuck animals, they aren't our friends.

Except for dogs.

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I'd like to chain you up you fucking piece of shit. Animals aren't really any different than humans you stupid fuck. They long to roam, to be free as it were. The fact that you can't understand that on an intuitive level tell me you're a degenerate, low intelligence loser. Fuck off.

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Lmao I was about to say dogs get depressed if you keep them sitting around all day. They're happy when you stimulate them and bring them out enough.

But you saved it at the end.