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Until the U-loop at the end...


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It almost looks like that's what caused him to flip!

-edit - made it look like I wasn't actually being serious. I was going for deadpan, but it looked like I was actually seriously suggesting that he went into an acrobatic-type maneuver because his nuts caught on the U-loop and flung him onto his face before I changed the period to an exclamation point.

--edit again - I mean, the chuckle I was trying for was because there is no U-loop, not because of the way he was leaning into the dismount waaay ahead of time.

---edit - I corrected the spelling of maneuver in my first edit and wanted to make certain to document the revision. You know, ISO complience and all.

---- Honestly, it sounded a lot funnier in my head. Sorry to have wasted your time. Here is something funny that I hope makes up for it. /hangs head


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You have too much time on your hands.