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Also, the Zion orgy scene with all the sweaty, half naked niggers has been replaced by a scene where a large crowd of well groomed, attractive white families toast Morpheus’ rousing speech with glasses of champagne before heading home early because they have to work in the morning.

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Damn white people and their well structured family life. Probably read to their kids before sleep and then spends time with their spouse.

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The Wachowski(sp?) brothers must have started taking hard drugs just before starting on the second movie.

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Those kikes are trannies now

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Evee notice the people that got "freed"





All white exept morpheus. A black guy "freeing" white people.

And almost all the children of zion were mudbloods.

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All I saw in the Zion dance orgy scene was cannon fodder, I dunno what black people you saw.

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Imagine if that actually would happen with a Matrix reboot though, the butthurt and outrage it would cause. But replacing white movie characters with nigger actors is just fine and dandy.

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Ive got even a better idea.
Reboot Roots with all white actors. Why not? Isn't the new fad rebooting old shows with a different genders and races?
Diversity is important, right?

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Lol I've thought of this. The black slave master is whipping Toby and telling him your name is kunta and the white replies Toby!

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acting is, pretend. if you are good at your job, it shouldn't matter. but, since we know they are force feeding us this diversity multicultural trans non binary gender fluid pedophilia race mixing degeneracy propaganda, i'm not willing to give anyone a chance because i unwilling to participate in the cheeseman bullshit

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I wish they would - or at least we could come up with a believable campaign to say that he had been replaced with a White actor just to WATCH the leftists and Jews lose their minds.

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“The Meowmix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room".

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Look up Computer Boy matrix spoof.

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As long as it isn't Nicolas Cage.

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