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I can show you 50 such videos. Its real. Usually they don't just stand there, instead they run while shooting back. But this is a civil war, and any car or person anywhere quickly turns from random civilian minding his business, to ISIS suicide bomber.

As for the video quality and animations....US ans Israel founded AL Qaeda, and ISIS members are recruited from their ranks, and supported and supplied indirectly like that.


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Link a few. Crazy shit.


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I had a few compilations but my shit got deleted because the youtube channels that post it get removed. Here is a few i got left:

@Hydrocephalus @WeekendBaker

There really aren't any special effects other than the arrows pointing to who is who. The explosions are firey instead of just a flash because they use huge amounts of shitty home made explosives rather than proper TNT/RDX charges.

I also had some commercial drone "bomblet" dropping compilations but those are gone too. Example: (humv was loaded with spare tank shells)